Luxury Leather Jacket

UGX 170,000

High quality Luxury Leather Jacket  with a fuzzy and warm interior.

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High quality Luxury Leather Jacket for Men with a fuzzy and warm interior designed to keep you warm during cold and rainy seasons.

Wearing this jacket in the rain will keep all the water dripping away on the outside while the fuzzy interior keeps you warm on the inside.

How to Clean a Leather Jacket

  • Make a mixture of water and soap
  • Dip a clean towel into the mixture and use that wet towel to wipe the jacket.
  • Dip another clean towel in plain water (without soap) and use to wipe off the soap on the jacket
  • Lastly use another dry clean town to dry the jacket
  • Do the same for both the inside and the outside
  • Dry on a hanger indoor. Never Every dry under the sun
  • Never use Hot Water to clean a leather Jacket.


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