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Return Policy

This return policy applies to products bought from Fashion Clinik e-commerce website and social media platforms.

The Policy

Dear our esteemed customer, if you have bought an item from us from any of our above mentioned platforms and you are not satisfied with it, you can return it and we exchange it with any other product of the same price as the amount that you paid for the returned product. And the Product returned must be in its original state as when bought, not washed or ironed, not worn out, not torn, not cut, not altered and or not dirtened.

We do not accept refunds. We can only Exchange the returned product for any other product the customer wishes to take as long as it is the same price as the amount the customer initially bought the item.
For example if a customer bought a hoodie at USD 35 and they returned the hoodie, that customer has a right to choose any other hoodie or tshirt(s) or shoes, just any other item they would prefer, of the same price of USD 35. However if a customer bought a hoodie of USD 35 on a sale or discount for example they paid USD 20 instead of USD 35 and then later return the product, they would have to pick any other item at the price of USD 20 and not the actual price of the item. If the customer picks an item that is of a higher price than the amount they had bought the returned product at, then the customer would have to top up extra money to match the price of the new item or product picked.

Period of Return

If a customers doesn’t like the quality of the item or it doesn’t fit according to expectations, the customer must call or WhatsApp +256700819089 or send an email to fashionclinikug@gmail.com immediately after receiving the item. The customer must then return the item to the store within five (5) days after receiving the item

Things to Note before Returning an Item/Product

Make sure the product is in its pure and original form as when it was bought and delivered to the customer.

  • Do not Wash
  • Do not Iron
  • Make sure its not worn out or torn
  • Make sure to keep it as Clean as When you bought it
  • Do not Alter Size or Fitting
  • Do not Dye the item
  • Do not Add Perfumes or any Scents
  • Return the product in its packaging

Return Costs

  • The return cost shall be covered by the customer.
  • Fashion Clinik shall cover the cost of delivery for the replacement

No Returns & Replacements for the following

Customers that come to the store and first try on products before they pay for them CANNOT return the products bought and hence CANNOT get a replacement for those products.