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Shopping Online in Uganda with Fashion Clinik, Fastest Deliveries

Shoppers in Uganda have yet to completely shift from the traditional way of shopping by physically visiting stores and markets to ordering online on websites and apps. But this transition has been gradual even with the growth of online stores in Uganda.

Fashion Clinik has joined the ecommerce space with its unique men’s premium clothing catalogue ranging from Smart Casual Wear, Office Gentle Wear, Smart Footwear, Yoga apparel and Workout clothes. With deliveries made in Hoima, Gulu, Arua, Soroti, Malaba, Rukungiri, Kisoro and other places around the country and across the borders to Kigali, Burundi, Nairobi, South Sudan and Zambia, Fashion Clinik has placed itself as the next big online store in East Africa. Their advantage is that the products they sell on their website are the same products they have in their store which reduces delivery time. Customers can first browse through the different products on the website and make an order, pay using either mobile money (specifically for Uganda) or a visa card, master card or bank transfer, their choice. In Uganda, mobile money is the easiest way to make fastest payments and it’s used by all social classes. With the widening of the market to the rest of the east African region and the African continent, hopes are that other payments methods will be added onto the system. Fashion Clinik guarantees same day delivery especially for the customers in Uganda while deliveries in Kampala are in a matter of minutes.

Shopping Online in Uganda
Fashion Clinik front page banner

Anyone with a phone or computer connected to the internet can shop online at Fashion Clinik from the comfort of their home, office, kitchen or even while sitting on their toilet. With just a few clicks, one can place an order and just wait for the package to arrive at their specified location.

For customers that still want to physically see the product before they can decide to pay, the Fashion Clinik shop is open for them to check the products out. However for customers that physically visit the store in hopes of getting a discount, the prices at the shop are the same prices that appear on the website.

Of course Ugandans are not new to online shopping. Even before ecommerce businesses started in Uganda, some Ugandans were already buying stuff from abroad on amazon, ebay etc. Now those Ugandans do not need to wait for long periods to receive their shipments from America and Europe or suffer high shipping fees and taxes.

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